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The work on the vine is essential to obtaining well-defined, fine wines. As conscientious wine growers, our role is to maintain the best possible balance between the soil and the plant depending on the weather. Our 13.5-hectare vineyard consists of 10.5 hectares of Sauvignon Blanc and 3 hectares of Pinot Noir, situated across 6 locations north of Sancerre.
All the estate is farmed in organic culture, 2nd year in conversion.


Each location has its own geological characteristics. The grapes produced are vinified and aged separately. Each of our wines is wedded to its origin. The vines are closely monitored. Each of them has its own rhythm according to its age, exposition and grape variety. The soil is ploughed and raked. Vegetal cover, controlled between rows, allows us to conserve the flora and activate soil life. Pruning, bud pruning and training are rigorous. This allows production to be adjusted and vegetation and grapes to be aired to obtain perfect maturity and optimal conditions of health. Hand harvesting, following by sorting, guarantees the respect and integrity of the grapes all the way up to pressing (Whites and Rosť) or vatting (Reds). In this way, vinification and ageing are carried out with simplicity and precision.

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